At Agile Affinity, we believe the best people to learn from having real-world experience. All our trainer’s coach more than they train to give you update experience. Moreover, all our courses are designed using the latest research on how adults learn at there best.



Agile Coaching is a collaboration with people in a thought-provoking and creative journey using coaching approaches with an agile mindset and principles to help individuals, teams and organisations be the best they can be.

To support this statement we only use ICF certified Coaches who have a deep understanding of agile to assist you on your Journey.

Our approach is people-centred believing that teams are naturally intelligent and creative and have the best answers to complex


"Agile Affinity training offered the right balance between knowledge sharing and self-learning. What I appreciated was a focus on the Agile mindset which I've often found wanting. In addition, post-course, thet continued to offer support on my journey to become a better Scrum Master."
“John and Rik from Agile Affinity created a fun, creative and open environment which made learning seem easy. If you want to understand the basics of LeSS don’t hesitate to book these guys up"
"Agile Affinity don't just deliver courses, but create an immersive learning experience that gives you a deeper understanding of the principles, beliefs and adventure of agile - I have been on several events and have always left energised, educated and with a learning that I've called on again and again.

If you want to know about Agile read a book, if you want to immerse yourself on an agile journey and achieve the benefits it provides, make sure you take advantage of an Agile Affinity learning experience."
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